Published on November 22nd, 2018 | by Matt Dumoulin

Dont let the cold stop your kayaking

Don’t let winter stop your kayaking fun! Fishing or just recreational paddling in the winter can offer some huge fish and spectacular views. But you want to make sure you are prepared. We offer a wide range on cold weather paddling gear from footwear to gloves, Dry bibs, Dry tops and full dry suits for those long colder days on the water.
When the body loses heat faster than it can replace it the result is hypothermia. Your brain and vital organs need to be kept at the correct temperature for proper functioning, particularly the brain, your most vital organ. Regular body temperature is 98.6 F; hypothermia is medically defined when the body temp drops to below 95 F degrees. Severe hypothermia occurs when body temp drops below 90 F degrees.
And always wear a PFD!

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