Published on July 13th, 2019 | by Matt Dumoulin

Dutch Courage on the White Nile (Entry #15 Short Film of the Year Awards 2019)

In the heart of Africa there is a rapid so big and powerful that it scares even the best kayakers.
‘Dead Dutchman’ on the Nile River is a rapid to be taken seriously. At the top of one of the entry channels is a beautiful wave surfed by a very few brave kayakers. One missed roll after flushing the feature and you could be in a battle to survive, with all your energy put into that last ride. Add a dramatic, misty Nile River sunrise and two of the world’s best freestyle kayakers and this is a kayaking video like you’ve never seen. This is Dutch Courage. Filmed by Travel to Paddle Productions, featuring Sam Ward and Bartosz Czauderna.

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