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Published on June 15th, 2015 | by Paddleworld

Gear Spotlight – Ainsworth Carbon Sea (New)

This paddle from Ainsworth is pushing paddle technology to the next generation. Lighter, Stronger and more beautiful than anything else on the market. This paddle is great through the water and reliable when it matters on long days and big expeditions. Made from Ainsworth new`Superlights` PRE-PREG CARBON  Blades : Beautiful, super light and really strong. A brand new range of high quality, performance paddles. The new `Superlight` Pre-Preg blades offer top class performance and feel.  With a high gloss finish the Carbon Pre-Preg paddles inherit the strength, endurance and a full years warranty for which AINSWORTH is renowned. The new Carbon Pre-Preg blades achieve their performance through a high tech manufacturing process that pre-impregnates Epoxy resin through Carbon fibres at immense pressures at up to 65% carbon to resin content. Paddles made in this process can offer dramatic weight saving and produce a paddle blade where the edge wear is vastly superior to conventional wet lay up processes which rarely achieve 40% carbon to resin content.


Ainsworth Carbon Sea (New) ©

The increased strength of the structure  pushes the boundaries of paddle design and so these new paddles can have up to 10  deg . kick back which not only advances the `catch` but drains quicker and assist rolling.

This really is the next generation in paddle development.

Shaft Options: Straight Carbon and Carbon 2 Piece

Feather: 0, 30, 45, 60, 90 Degrees and Left or Right Handed

Length: 200cm – 230cm either 1 piece or 2 piece adjustable

Total Paddle Weight: Under 700 Grams


Ainsworth Carbon Sea (New) ©

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