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Published on June 29th, 2015 | by Paddleworld

Gear Spotlight – Robson Armelite® Canoe Range

Armerlite® is the revolutionary new technology from Robson, taking performance to the ultimate level.  Armerlite® has been developed specifically for the kayaking sector, offering a lightweight structure with a high impact resistancy ideal for extreme endurance.  

Armerlite is a composite material of interwoven glass fi ber and polypropylene. The material is layered in the canoe mold, vacuum bagged and cooked in a large oven where the polypropylene melts around the fi bers. After cooling you have a stiff, durable and light weight canoe.
A honeycomb base helps stiffen the hull and adds buoyancy. For the Helium models ribs are added to the sides for rigidity.
Armerlite Advantages: Stiff and lightweight with the durability of a plastic boat. Enhances speed and acceleration, portage is easier.
Trim: Wood or Vinyl.

The Brooks 15 and 16, 17 and Homes are available in Vinyl trim which is very durable and low maintenance but adds a little weight. The Brooks 15 and 16 have the option of ash wood gunwales, yoke plus cane seats. The Heluim models are outfi tted standard with wood trim.
Colors: Black, White


The Homes is a solo white water canoe with moderate rocker, it accelerates and manoeuvres quickly, it allows canoeists to push their abilities.
A stable hull lets beginners get out and have fun. The Homes comes fully outfi tted.
The Brooks 15 is capable of negotiating smaller, rocky rivers that require less canoe. The length and the rocker optimize speed and tracking
plus allowing for responsive turns.
The Brooks 16 is a classic expedition and camping canoe combining speed, carrying capacity and stability. The length and moderate rocker encourage tracking on fl at water but it can also be manoeuvred on smaller waterways.
The Brooks 17 is a workhorse of a canoe with ample carrying capacity, 4 seats, to carry all the kids and ample space for gear. The slight rocker at both ends makes for easy manoeuvres and the length adds cruising speed for fl at water. All and all a stable and dry canoe.

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