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How To Choose Your Fishing Kayak by Key West Kayak Fishing.

What Kayak To Buy For Fishing – Helpful Tips – By Key West Kayak Fishing.
So you are interested in buying your first kayak for fishing. How do you get started. Here are some basic tips to help you figure out which kayak to buy.
1) Buy the kayak that you will use the most. A kayak that is too expensive to mess up, too much of a headache to use and put away, too heavy, or just plain inconvenient is not going to be used after the « honeymoon » period. Focus on picking a first kayak that you will have no issues with getting on the water through your orientation period.
2) Buy used. No need to absorb the new kayak depreciation when you are still not for sure going to be getting into the sport. You can easily sell it later should you want to upgrade.
3) Make sure you account for storage, transport, and ability to lift.
4) Research multiple makes and models that you are wanting so it will be easier to find one used.
5) Make sure the kayak matches your fishing style. Flats, offshore, rivers, lakes, etc.
6) Understand how length and width affect the different types of fishing styles.
7) Focus on learning how to kayak first and kayak fish second. By learning the basics of kayaking will make you a better fisherman by making you more efficient at controlling your kayak.
8) Think experience and fun over having the coolest/most expensive toy.
If you have any questions about buying your first kayak, don’t hesitate to throw it down in the comments.

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