Published on February 17th, 2020 | by Matt Dumoulin

How to Double Pump. Whitewater Freestyle Kayak Tutorial

1. Keep your weight over the boat

2. Put your paddle out to the side

3. Drop your edge

4. Do a forward sweep and at the same time lean back and lift your knees. This will lift your bow up in the air

5. Now let the bow fall

6. Flip your paddle over and using the back of the blade as the bow falls, lean forward, put weight on your feet and push the bow under smash the bow back

7. Now link them together put the boat on edge and push, pull, push, pull.

8. Have a go at forward paddling and then doing a double pump. Allow the forward speed to help push the boat up to vertical

9. Once you have this mastered on the bow and stern its time to try some cartwheels

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