Published on January 9th, 2020 | by Matt Dumoulin

Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!

So mr Markus day started out like every other weekend. Out on the water, searching for halibut, and possibly a WSB still hanging around the area. He never found any. He did see a school of bonito so he was trolling for them at the time when all of this madness began. At 1:03 in the video Mr Markus felt a bump to the back of my kayak and you notice I turn to see what it was. Saw nothing so looked right. Nothing. Then felt the bump again and turned back to the left to see this hammerhead who looked like he meant business. He hits the kayak 1 more time, which you can clearly see, and thats when he decided to do something about the situation.


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