Published on May 2nd, 2018 | by Paddleworld

Launch of the 2018 RTM SUNSET PADDLE Photo Contest

The 2018 RTM SUNSET PADDLE is an online event organized by Paddle World and Sup World Mag, presented by RTM Kayaks and Sups.


The concept is simple: Send a photo of a paddler (or a group) at sunset. Indicate your name, the location, and the photographer’s name.

You can enter as many as photos as you like. We will not only post it on this page, but also across our social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc). When you refer to your entry always use #sunsetpaddle


The file name should contain your name and the location (ie, Bobby_Johnson_Ventura_California_Usa) The photo must be at least 600 Pix WIDE. You fill up the form below and we will publish. Winners will be announced at the end of 2018.

Prizes:  Gopro Cameras, Paddling Gear, Magazine subscriptions etc…

Judging: The Top 5 entries get prized. Criteria: the 10 most liked entries entre the final round. Final results announced upon judges call.

End of the contest: December 1st – Winners announced end of December…

Each entry will be promoted through our media channels, but it is every participant’s duty to make sure his entry is being seen/liked as widely as possible from our initial post – we only count likes from OUR post.

NB: Anyone can enter several entries (no limits), but only one of them can be prized.

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