Published on May 1st, 2022 | by Paddleworld

Learning to Kayak Fish

When Luke Rovner, an avid sea kayaker, moved to the coastal regions of Georgia, he decided to explore the joys of kayak fishing.

« For a long time I wondered about kayak fishing. It’s not like I needed any more reasons to get on the water, but I have very fond memories of fishing when I was a kid back in Argentina. I also find other paddlers who incorporate fishing into their kayak adventures—or weekly paddling routines—really inspiring. »

These are just a few words taken from Lukes story! If you would like to read the entire post from NRS about Lukes journey click here!

Luke also makes instructional videos on YouTube via his channel Kayak Hipster. Watch the video below to watch his instructional video on kayak fishing for beginners.

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