Published on September 27th, 2019 | by Matt Dumoulin

My First Year Journey in Kayak Fishing – Native Watercraft Titan

This year was the first year I have Kayak Fished and the first year I ever competed in any fishing tournaments. I wanted to share some of the moments over this first Kayak Fishing season that are some of the moments you don’t see about the journey on social media. Often you will see people post their biggest fish, and I do that as well. But most of the time we aren’t catching the ‘BIGGEST’ fish. We are learning a lake, learning a new method, battling the elements or just enjoying having a good time. I hope my video can inspire others to try Kayak Fishing and realize that the joy is the journey itself. Don’t worry about others or compare yourself to polished media posts. Be yourself and have fun. Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you are so inclined.

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