Published on February 24th, 2022 | by Paddleworld

New Gear – Lettmann Nitro!

Introducing the new Lettmann Nitro, a brand new white water paddle and touring paddle.

Those who are familiar with our philosophy know: a paddle without an ergonomic shaft equals a waste of power. The reason is its unique pressure point, which is located in front of your hands thanks to the bent shaft. This does not just result in excellent acceleration, but in flutter-free strokes, too.

Now, many years after the introduction of our ergonomic shaft, we want to please those, who don’t stick with it. Therefore we created a straight shaft paddle, which comes really close to our Ergos advantages.
With the Nitro, we moved the blade more forward to achieve a more efficient stroke. It also improves the pressure build-up, moves the pressure point to the front and the reduces typical fluttering of a straight shaft paddle to a minimum.

The Nitro certainly makes use of the hydrodynamic lift, which stabilizes the blades in the water and helps improve the pressure build-up making it more even and efficient. The hydrodynamic lift is enabled by the blades’ prominent profile combined with the pre-located pressure point.

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Check out the white water version here

Check out the touring version here

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