Published on May 7th, 2022 | by Paddleworld

NRS Online Sea Kayaking Tips #2

NRS has created an informational short video series around sea kayaking. The idea is simple, short 1 minute videos with as much information that you can digest as possible.

Every sea kayaker who has paddled in the surf has been capsized. Why? In this tip, Simon explains the physics behind getting capsized and how to brace yourself to prevent it. The initial impact of a small wave when it hits you on the side will try to knock the kayak from underneath you, capsizing you toward the wave. So, don’t commit to the paddle before the wave approaches. Instead, just sit tall, hold the paddle in the brace position above the water and stay upright over the center of the boat. The second way in which a wave will capsize you happens when water pressure builds up on the beachside of the kayak, slows that side down and then you get power flipped toward the beach. To stop this from happening, lift your beach knee as you’re being pushed in sideways on your low brace. That will allow water to flow under the hull.

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