Published on April 29th, 2022 | by Paddleworld

NRS Online Sea Kayaking Tips #1

NRS has created an informational short video series around sea kayaking. The idea is simple, short 1 minute videos with as much information that you can digest as possible.

The most important tip when surfing a wave in a sea kayak is to stay at the top of the wave. When you’re at the top of a wave, the ends of your sea kayak are completely out of the water so your kayak acts like a much shorter boat and becomes more maneuverable. If the bow of your kayak is at the bottom of the wave, which normally happens when you get on a wave too late, it just dives in and there’s no control of the kayak. So, if you get on the wave early and then adjust your speed to stay at the top, then you’ll stay in control.

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