Published on May 1st, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

« Ocean kayak fishing isn’t Fun anymore »

Some great kayak fishing adventure… And Carnage!

« From the beginning of this day, after seeing dead water everywhere and then seeing the one fleet.. I wanted to bail on the striper persuit and drive another hour to try to get on some big tog, but I went against my better judgement and paddled the many miles and took a ton of casts all for some short bass and an average bluefish, destroyed my waders, and flipped my kayak.. but in the end, it was a beautiful november day with my friends on the water, even tho the fishing was tough it was still fun and I have no intentions to stop the ocean kayaking

Luckily the beach bite lit up in the days preceding this which you saw in my last video.. I have a few days of footage to sift through but those videos will be coming up shortly. After editing the epic underwater blitz video I have been facing some serious lack of motivation to go through all these vids and put together less epic vids than that last one.. This here video took me a few days to piece together.. some kind of writers block.. editors block?

Hopefully you enjoyed watching at least parts of this slow day of fishing and can laugh at my misfortune as I roll through the surf.. This was my first time « turtling » as they call it, and I should really be better prepared for this, every time, with leashes for all my rods and waterproof containers, but if you havent noticed by now, I am lazy and irresponsible and always put forth the minimum effort into maintaining my gear and well being… I dont think that will ever change. Luckily that box of plugs didnt have too many good lures in it… »

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