Published on November 20th, 2020 | by Paddleworld

Primitive Ocean Kayak Fishing and Dolphin Encounter with Chad Zuber

Lost on a pacific island, alone, away from civilization but still want to go kayak fishing? No problem for Chad Zuber… « check this out! « Last week I posted the first video of my primitive cattail boat as I launched from the beach and managed to push the small bushcraft sea vessel through the waves and reach the calmness of the open ocean. This raft or kayak proved to be very stable and reliable on the water as I paddled around for about an hour. In this video, I take the same kayak out again but this time I’m bringing my fishing gear to practice some primitive ocean survival fishing techniques with an artificial lure and fresh bait. During this three and a half hour voyage I found myself among a school of dolphin and even had a visit by a sea lion. Once again the kayak performed very well and I am looking forward to even greater adventures at sea in the near future. »

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