Published on September 11th, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

Should you buy a Nativewatercraft TITAN? (review/tour)

This is a phenomenal boat but you will need to either a trailer or truck bed with a bed extender to transport. It will very hard to tip and impossible to swamp. So if safety and stability are your main goals, this is a great boat option. Though it’s not the speediest of kayaks on the market it will maintain 3 mph all day, 3.5 with some effort and top out at around 4 mph. Turning radius and boat control is incredible, paddling, is a little more challenging but not impossible and certainly doable with short distances. You’ll have near unlimited options for customization whether its power poles, a trolling motor, or, if you are just a DIY/tweaker type person, you will not run short of options with this boat. If you fish big waves and big water or even the ocean, this is the boat I’d want to be in. Also, if your looking for a partner to share your boat with whether it be a child or another adult, this boat will accommodate not only the weight but an additional Native seat with the gear track system.

Transport: C+
Speed: B-
Stability: A
Storage: A
Turning: A
Paddling: C-
Comfort: A

Overall: A-/B+


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