Published on June 17th, 2023 | by Paddleworld

Waka Stoke on the Brandseth

Follow Zack Mutton down the Brandseth in Norway in the new Waka Stoke, as Norway season has kicked off we see more and more kayakers heading out there to find some stouts!

« The new Waka Stoke on the Brandseth, Norway. A new found joy paddling this new design. The boat has come out skipping with a speed that even we didn’t expect while still keeping the manoeuvrability characteristics blended from the OG and Steeze designs. The boat feels really well suited and fun on this style of river (Brandseth). Being slightly smaller than our other boats in the Waka Kayaks line up I think its optimum weight range is 60kg-80kg with 90kg being on the upper weight limit but still figuring weight range out a bit. So much STOKE!« 

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