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  1. Sviatoslav says:

    Dear Editor
    I am Sviat, founder of innovation project called HYPAR Kayak.

    HYPAR Kayak is a revolutionary Smart Boat concept created by the International design team HYPARART. The HYPAR concept is about its unique Hyperbolic-Paraboloid shape of the hull, hence the name HYPAR.

    Foldable : HYPAR Kayak can be folded into a lightweight backpack (under 8kg) in less than 3 minutes. Thanks to its dimensions HYPAR fits into most cars and storage locations.
    The Smart Boat : Our boat can be rapidly transformed from a kayak into various configurations: canoe, sailing boat and solar electric boat and more…
    Design and Engineering : The perfectly streamlined, graceful hull design minimizes drag and enhances stability by employing honeycomb polypropylene material.
    Material and Manufacturing : HYPAR made of innovative advanced plastic customized for HYPAR kayak by DS Smith plastics France, a leading European plastics manufacturer.
    The HYPAR approved by champions : Jochen Lettmann Olympic / World kayak champion tested the HYPAR kayak at the Dusseldorf boat show 2017.
    HYPAR kayak highlighted in great publications at: New Atlas, TrendHunter, Digital Trends, InsideHok, Canoeroots, and match more…
    Links to full press release at the following link
    Looking forward to discussing further details with you.
    Best Regards,

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