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Gear Spotlight: Paddlelite − Kayak Ergometer

How about going paddling at your local gym? well it could well be possible anytime soon with the Paddlelite − Kayak Ergometer. unless you already bought it for your own house… tested and adopted by the Paddle World mag team, we do recommend the Paddlelite − Kayak Ergometer. Watch that presentation video..

>>> Benefits.

Train your entire body. 
Paddling with Paddlelite kayak ergometers will bring your body in a constant rotary motion which will strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles, the muscles of the lumbar spine and the arm and shoulder girdle. While paddling you exercise the coordination of complex motion sequences which are most important for a strong back.

Boost your stamina.
Paddlelite trains the general endurance. It boosts and strains the entire body which makes it an excellent cardiovascular training. Since the paddling movement involves almost all skeletal muscles a high level of energy is needed which works as an excellent training system for losing weight.

Relaxation for body and mind.
With Paddlelite kayak ergometers you don’t just train your body, but your mind as well. The persistent, rhythmic motion is an excellent stress reliever and helps improve breathing.

Gaining back your mobility.
Physical fitness is the key to health and wellbeing. Working out with Paddlelite helps to maintain, build, and restore this general fitness and mobility -making it perfect for people with restricted freedom in movement due to an accident.

A great workout – for all ages
The rhythmic paddle motion builds muscles, improves circulation and metabolism, and counteracts bone mineral loss, a frequent consequence of the aging process.

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