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Published on September 16th, 2015 | by Paddleworld

New Products @ PADDLEexpo 2015 – Bending Branches, Angler Optimus

In Partnership with PADDLEexpo (Sept 17-19th 2015)Kayak Session magPaddle World mag and SUP World Mag are releasing web updates previewing what seems to be the coolest paddlesports items expected to be seen at this year’s World’s biggest Paddlesport Trade show.

Do more precise fishing with less effort. This kit transforms a bb Angler kayak paddle into a canoe paddle, stand-up paddle, 8 ft. push/stakeout pole, or 12 ft. push/stakeout pole, with a simple snap button changeover. More ways to get closer to the fish!

The ability to transform a kayak paddle into a stand-up paddle, push pole, or stake-out paddle has been done before. However, those manufacturers require you to buy the entire kayak paddle with the package, charging a premium and robbing kayak anglers of a quality navigation tool. Never before has a manufacturer allowed you to take a current kayak paddle and add only the attachments YOU want.

Meet the Angler Optimus transformer kit. Current Bending Branches paddlers can take their bb Angler paddle, the #1 best selling family of fishing paddles in the world, and add accessories to it. Turn any bb Angler paddle into a stand-up paddle, canoe paddle, 8ft push/stake-out pole, or 12ft push/stake-out pole.

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