Published on January 1st, 2020 | by Matt Dumoulin

Why you should try Kayak Fishing in 2020

1. More Economical

While a top-of-the-line fishing kayak can run a few thousand dollars, that’s nothing compared to even a middle-of-the-line motor boat. And an entry-level kayak can be had for just a few hundred. There’s no motor to maintain, no high insurance premiums, and no fuel expenses.

2. Easier to Haul and Store

Motor boats require a trailer and vehicle large enough to tow it, and then a yard or garage large enough to store it. Some larger kayaks are better towed on a trailer, but smaller ones can easily be transported on a car’s roof rack. And their smaller size makes them easier to stow away when not in use.

3. Easier Entry and Exit on the Water

Those same reasons apply here, too: Getting on and off the water is easier with a kayak because of their smaller and lighter size.

4. Can Get to Places Motor Boats Can’t Go

When you fish from a kayak you can get to places a motor boat can’t reach—the nooks and crannies along the shore, and much shallower water.

5. Closer to the Water and the Fish

One of the lures of kayaking in general is sitting so close to the water. There’s something about it that draws you, makes you feel more connected. It gives you a better perspective and angle to fish.

6. The Quiet and Serenity

The Outdoor Foundation’s 2016 Special Report on Fishing found that peoples’ top reasons for fishing—other than catching fish—were to get away, be in nature, and enjoy the serenity. The simplicity of kayak fishing adds to that enjoyment.

7. It’s Healthy

Not only does any kind of fishing get you outside, kayak fishing specifically is good exercise. When paddling, you use your own power to get where you want to go.

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