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Oetz Diaries EP 01 | High Water Köfels and Upper Oetz!

Check out Pistyll Productions and their new series « Oetz Diaries » a series which is more directed towards vlog style kayaking videos while in the Oetz valley!
We’re looking forward to more of these!

« In this episode, John Haines, Huw Butterworth, and Michl Uhl take on a high water descent of Köfels and the Upper Oetz! It’s not every day that the river Oetz comes up to 290cm before dark, so we rallied to Koefels to check it out and decided to give er! Not bad for Michl’s first lap!

Massive shout out to our sponsors for their continued support… NRS, Radical Rider, Lettmann, Exo Kayaks, Palm, and River Legacy.

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