Published on June 6th, 2023 | by Paddleworld

A lot goes into getting a good waterfall shot!

Follow Bren Orton and David Sodomka as they show us just how much goes into getting a good waterfall shot as they go on a mission out to the Buchenegger Waterfall in Germany!

« Raw cuts from a day out with David Sodomka and his camera. So much goes into getting a single shot of kayaking, it honestly takes an insane amount of work and a really diverse skill set. David for me is one of the best photographers in the sport and is unmatched with his skills to get into position for a photo. I have seen this dude jump 70ft off the side of waterfalls, manage taking photos with two different cameras or figure out some insane rope work move to get around a drop and in the end I think it’s all worth it for some of the photos this dude has taken. « 

Check his website out here or follow him on instagram below;…

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