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Costa Creeka | Eggstream

Check out EP5 from Eggstream on their Costa Rica trip! A full on episode full of class 5 runs, steep gradient, some nice waterfalls and some added beatering!
Check out the previous episode’s on Eggstream’s YT Channel!

« Continuing our journey on the Pacific Coast, we arrived at the famous classic, the Chirripo Pacifico. Water was high so we decided to run a side tributary (which was also high), the Buena Vista. This river drops close to 400m in 6.5 km, making for an extremely steep and technical section. Some rapids being impossible to scout… Mylo took a nice swim near the 2 thirds of the run. Exhausted and beaten down, he decided to hike out, leaving Paul and Raph to run the last third of the river. The day after, Paul wanted to run the Catarata Pacifica, a 25 meter waterfall we all had on our minds. Mylo and Raph weren’t feeling up to it that day, so Paul ran it with safety from the 2 others. An intense few days in Costa Creeka.« 

-Rivers: Buena Vista, Chirripo Pacifico
-Kayakers: Paul Aubertin, Mylo Nicholas, Raphaël Urscheler
-Footage: Paul Aubertin, Mylo Nicholas, Raphaël Urscheler
-Edit: Mylo Nicholas
-Music: Artlist, NCS

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