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Published on October 3rd, 2016 | by Paddleworld

New @ PADDLEexpo 2016 – Gatz-Kanus, Canyak Beothuk


Why?  A multifunctional craft  in complete new design, unusual but very much liked by a majority of customers and paddler.


GATZ Canyak ©

Why really: 1) There are many paddlers who like the large space a canoe provides but then one or both paddlers like the seat position of kayaks and a double paddle better. While it is not forbidden and a lot of rental people do it, the use of kayak paddles in a canoe appears to be „wrong“, leaves the impression of no sufficient paddling technique and creates some glances of other paddlers. In solo boats and certain circumstances a kayak paddle is widely accepted in the meantime, in a double its not. And here comes our CANYAK: The new shape cannot be put into a „mind deskdrawer » of canoe or kayak. Nothing looks wrong if the lady in front uses a kayak blade and the capt´n in the back paddles and steers with a canoe paddle. Nothing looks wrong either when both are using kayak or canoe paddles. So we created a new category.

GATZ_canyak 1

GATZ Canyak ©

2) Besides this the shape with the high center provides a lot of safety and stability. When the canoe is starting to lean to one side, the wide hull and the extra freeboard give a huge lot more secondary stability than in most other designs. And no worries, there is no limit to transport the canoe upside down on about almost any roofrackk.

3) The mass of seating options, from comfort to function.

4) The versatility as CANYAK can be paddles solo and double and has lugagge space.

5) Weight: Made from high end composites we offer a very durable and still leightweight product.

More info go to GATZ KANU

GATZ_canyak 3

GATZ Canyak ©

This serie of articles, called “NEW @ PADDLEexpo 2016” and produced by KS Publishing (publishers ofKayak Session, Paddle World and Sup World magazine, showcases the new products for 2017 to be exposed at the PADDLEexpo show taking place in Nuremberg, Germany on October 7-9th. PADDLEexpois the world’s largest paddlesport-specific trade show (‘trade show’ meaning entrance is reserved for professionals) highlighting what the general public will find on shelves and in stores in 2017. It includes everything from kayaks and canoes to stand-up paddle boards and inflatables, with the apparel and accessories needed for it all. See the product and meet the manufacturer at PADDLEexpo 2016 in Nuremberg >

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