Published on June 22nd, 2023 | by Paddleworld

Senders EP02 | Telemark Waterfall Kayaking

Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern are back in Norway. Follow the crew in Telemark, Norway in their recent edit getting some downriver freestyle, big lines and of course some beatdowns! Check it ou!

« I’ve been working hard on my filming and editing and story telling for the past year. Figured out licensing some music that I actually listen to, instead of finding generic copyright free stuff and feel like I can finally start to make the edits that I want to make. I really hope you like this edit and honestly, truly thank you for sticking by this channel and supporting these episodes.

This is Senders EP02 coming at you from Telemark, Norway! In this edit we have everything from big lines and good times to savage crashes and bad times. It’s all part of the game and the sport of whitewater kayaking and I freaking love it!

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Bren Orton

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