Published on February 28th, 2024 | by Paddleworld

Waterfall and big water kayaking in Chile | Senders EP08

An all-new Senders EP has dropped, this one featuring Bren Orton’s recent trip to Chile to bag some of the classic runs and waterfalls! Chile is a world class location for whitewater paddlers with paddlers travelling from all around the world for ultimate joy!

« A whirlwind trip in Chile to kayak down some classic rivers and waterfalls. Big thanks to David Sodomka for the road trip!
This country is home to some of the best and most classic rivers in our sport and it was a dream to get to kayak down some of them! A brief nightmare hit at the bottom of a waterfall but happily I’m somehow okay and I’m sure my back will stop hurting in a few weeks time.
The waterfalls around Pucon were amazing but the Futa river down in Patagonia was my favourite, such a powerful, beautiful river to kayak down. »

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